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Branded’s Guide To: T-Shirt Fabric – 100% Cotton, 50/50 Blend or 100% Polyester? Get the facts.

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Branded Guide To T-Shirt Fabric

Branded Screen Printing’s Guide to T-Shirt Fabric was created to help you decide on a fabric that works best with your custom t-shirt order.

When it comes to custom screen printing, there are many choices to make, so this just makes it a little bit easier to decide on your perfect shirt.   Please call Branded if you have any questions.  We are here to help!

100% Cotton

Cotton is a heavy duty, natural fiber that makes a softer, breathable t-shirt.  100% cotton t-shirts come in many options, including organic, ringspun, light and heavyweight and more.  It is hypoallergenic, so if your skin irritates easily, this is the best fabric for you.  Cotton t-shirts are the only way to go with water based  and discharge ink, and, of course, traditional plastisol.  The only downsides to your cotton t-shirt are that they tend to be prone to wrinkling and shrink overtime, as well as some color fading.

If you are interested in cotton t-shirts, contact us and we would be happy to send you our best options with pricing.

50/50 Blend

The 50/50 Blend t-shirt is literally the best of both worlds.  While it has the softer feel of cotton, it is light weight and moisture wicking like polyester.  These shirts hold up great to wear and tear and are resistant to color fading and shrinkage.  These durable characteristics make it a great school or work shirt.  50/50 Blend shirts work with any ink, but best with plastisol.  If you want to create a vintage look, a 50/50 blend with discharge or water based ink will do the trick.

If you are interested in 50/50 blend  t-shirts, contact us and we would be happy to send you our best options with pricing.

100% Polyester

Polyester shirts are typically associated with active wear because of the moisture wicking qualities and light weight material leaving you with a fresher feel.  100% Polyester shirts are very resistant to color fading and are durable and long lasting.  You also don’t have to worry about ironing this wrinkle resistant material.  Sublimating polyester produces a bright print with no feel, while plastisol ink works great, but can weigh down the fabric.

If you are interested in 100% polyester  t-shirts, contact us and we would be happy to send you our best options with pricing.

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